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The Digital Agency Gold Rush Is Built On Relationships

Is Automation The Future Or Death Sentence to Your Agency?

It’s too often that as Digital Marketers we get sold on the idea that automation is the future. Don’t get me wrong, automation is amazing and there are many ways to use it effectively for your business. Automation, however, is also why some agencies are winning and others are failing.

We live in the 4-hour workweek society where it has been sold to us that we should only be working 4 hours a week and we can have a thriving business. This is the furthest thing from the truth for a brand new business owner and can lead to many frustrations.

Freedom in Owning Your Own Marketing Agency

The truth is that the people who have achieved that level of freedom in their agency have most likely put in either a ton of money or time to get it to that point. Now, when you combine automation with relationship building you can have a winning combination.

What do I mean by automation? I’m talking about setting up systems in your business so that things can run smoothly without you having to be the one who is doing everything. From automated emails, SMS text follow-ups, and even cold outreach automation. These forms of automation can greatly help you build your agency. However, if you don’t add in the human touch a lot of these efforts can fall flat.

An Agency with a Human Touch

Pre Vetted, Vet, Contractors list, for, digital marketing agency growth, relationship, building

The human touch is what sets you apart from the automated message that someone gets. It allows you to form a connection with someone and create a relationship. This is one of the key ways that successful agencies are winning new clients

What many agency owners don’t realize is that potential clients can see right through the fakeness of an automated message. Yes, it can be effective to reach out to someone and introduce yourself through an automated sequence but where you will really win them over is if you take the time to have a conversation with them.

Learning Effective Automation

Inside the Done for You Agency program we not only teach effective automation, but we coach on humanizing your messaging and building relationships effectively.

Grow Your Agency With us